Who and where our food comes from is important to our business and to our customers. It is part of our mission to constantly work with the amazing producers, distributors, and farmers in our region to give Downtown Knoxville a consistent source of the local foods that they crave. All of the items in our grocery selection and in our kitchen have been vetted to ensure that their ingredients and the business practices of their company align with our ideals.

Our passion for sustainable food systems and love for our community is baked into every scone and folded into every breakfast burrito we make. As we continue on this journey, we aim to share excitement and knowledge with our customers. Many of the products throughout the store are labeled with the following categories to help patrons understand and appreciate their purchases even more!

local & regional products

We’re excited about the unique and tasty foods of our region which are crafted by small producers who love what they do. We brought them here to share with you, and made them easy to find with LOCAL (200 miles) and REGIONAL (500 miles) designations on the shelves.

independent producers

Diversity in our food options and food supply is important to the long-term health of communities and our country. Food industry consolidation limits consumer choices to the control of a few large companies, despite the variety of brand names. We choose to offer products from smaller, lesser known companies whenever we can in order to support the viability of small-ness and choice.

cooperative ownership

A cooperative is a business organization owned and operated by a group of individuals for their mutual benefit. Cooperatives come in all shapes and sizes, and exist to meet various economic, social and cultural needs. We believe the cooperative structure fosters the honest and responsible business practices we value and we support other cooperative businesses by offering their products whenever possible.